Tips on Battery maintenance.

1. Connect correct polarity terminals of battery to the source, viz. positive terminal to positive end and negative terminal to negative end of charging source.

2. While charging several batteries together, ensure they are connected in series. It is better if equal capacity batteries are put together for charging.

3. Charging room should be well ventilated.

4. Put the charger current setting as recommended for the battery. Generally the charging current is calculated as per number of +ve plates of a cell multiplied by 0.85 Amp (for 17 plate battery, the charging current=8.85 Amp – 6.80 Amp. For 9 plate battery = 4.85 Amp – 3.40 Amp.)

5. Keep on charging at constant current and observe the following developments:

(A) All cells are found to be gassing freely.

(B) Specific Gravity (S.G.) of electrolyte in all cells reaches 1.210 corrected 27°c and remains constant for a continuous period of 3 Hrs. If the S.G. is found above 1.210, it is to be adjusted by adding distilled water only.

(C) Voltage across battery terminals remains constant for 3 successive hourly readings.

(D) If during charging temperature rises to 50° C, stop charging and allow the battery to cool down..