PRAKASH BATTERY UDYOG (CRONEX BATTERIES) has a state of the art plants to manufacture various types of batteries. The company is consisted of two units assisting in battery manufacturing and third unit is to be started at earliest.

The Unit-1 is spread in 2000 Sq. Mts and Unit-2 is spread in 500 Sq.Mts tendering to the needs of local market. The Unit-3 is spread in 2720 Sq.Mts and that to be started very soon.

View of office

View of factory

View of show room



The company has state of the art machinery to manufacture batteries. We have DSC Grid casting machines for Auto Grid casting to take care of our Grid requirement and Devaki’s Tubular grid casting machine to take care of our Tubular Grid Requirements.

The company has automatic paste mixture and pasting machine which having capacity of doing pasting of 150 grids (double panel counted as single grid) in a minute and has world’s many best equipments to manufacture very good quality batteries. We have automatic assembly line for heat sealed batteries.

The company has his own Oxide Mill and Lead mixing Pot so that they don’t have depend on the quality and short of supplies to anyone.